Friday, November 30, 2007

A Letter to Andi

Dear Angelic Twin Bro, I finally wore the yukata that you gave me! (Thanks again, Dear! And even though you can't really see it, I also wore the green earrings!) The obi did cause me a bit of a trouble, I had to ask my assistant to help. For some reasons I'll never understand, Aza despised this outfit. He didn't even want to take a decent picture with me, wearing this yukata! He asked me to play with him, me in the role of bad butterfly monster, and he, naturally, was the almighty Power Ranger. Chika, on the other hand, seemed to be delighted to see me wearing this. Perhaps she'd like one of her own. I bet when she's bigger, she'll want to borrow MY clothes. Or worse yet, maybe I'll be the one to borrow hers. Heh heh. We'll just have to wait and see.

Life's been pretty hectic, but then again, it always IS. As I've told you through YM, I have a couple of projects coming up, and Praise the Lord, Rumah Pernik is doing quite well. Thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts concerning me and my family, I can feel those. Hope your days are always pleasant and filled with love.

Aza is getting bigger and Chika cuter. Isman and I are thinking of putting him to kindergarten next year, hope everything will proceed as planned. He is not afraid of riding the elevator anymore. He is inquisitive and very, very talkative. (Guess from where he got those qualities!)

Chika is starting to show some fears to certain things (big dolls, dinosaurs-shaped stuff). She loves clothes and jewelry (uh-oh!). She loves to crawl around, touching, inspecting things. I have a feeling she'll be more beautiful that I am one day. Thank God for that!

That's it for now, bro. Sweet water and light laughter until next time we meet! Blessed be!

Love and Hugs,
Your Prettiest Sis

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