Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet & Greet MetroPop Writers, Kompas Gramedia Fair!

It was fun and lovely! I got to meet other writers (And from the publisher, I got to meet Darma and Hetih, plus Maria Bagas! I always love meeting Darma because she's so beautiful and she has a nice voice, and Hetih is such a delight, she radiates positive, cheerful energy. Maria Bagas is simply fun to be with, someone nice to talk to!) and talk in front of the audience. And naturally, some questions needed to be answered, some comments had to be addressed....The questions were quite creative, I might say, not just the regular "Where do you get your ideas" and all. I'm glad!

Left to right: Yours truly, Tria Barmawi, isman h. suryaman (a.k.a. yours truly's partner), Mang Jamal. In the middle picture, you can see Darma on the left and Hetih sitting next to her.

The meet & greet lasted for about two hours. I felt happy, being able to share things (mostly about writing and all) with the spectators.

And why oh why did I decide to wear the yukata?
1. I've never worn this yukata before. (Brand new!)
2. One of my books, Kintaholic, is set in Japan. I felt like wearing it to "set the mood", so to speak.
3. I was in the mood to wear red.
4. I wish somebody who gave this to me were there....

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