Friday, April 25, 2008

The Joy of Working at Home

(in random order)
  • No bosses ordering me around!
  • I can work wearing muu muus and whatever I wish! (When I write, I sometimes dress accordingly. For romance scenes, I wear lots of jewelry and a nice dress, for instance...)
  • I can use facial mask while I work!
  • I can work while watching over the kids.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Don't have to chit-chat with other people at work.
  • To annoying, holier-than-thou people, I can just say, "Yes, I don't work... I'm just a regular homemaker... Oh yes, I depend on my husband for everything! I'm rather stupid, you see. You must be very, very smart, being able to work in the office!!!" (While snickering at them secretly.)
  • When persistent salespeople knock at my door, I just wear my dumbest expression and say, "Sorry, my husband doesn't allow me to open doors to strangers...."
  • Or better yet, I just pretend to be a household assistant and say, "My boss doesn't allow me to..." (y'know the drill!)
  • I can surround myself with things/people I love.

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