Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where to Eat in Bali?

Bali has tons of restaurants and cafes. From the ones littered near the beaches, small "warung" boasting whatever delicacies that they are serving, to haute cuisine.

Since I am Muslim, I have to be careful when eating in Bali. Some of the restaurants serve pork. In fact, one of Balinese specialty dishes is roasted pigs, skewered. They say it's succulent and tasty.

Appearances do matter. Affordable, cheap restaurants usually write their specialties on a banner/on their windows and some even put the prices there. Expensive ones are more elegant and located usually in busy areas, or places where many foreign tourists usually flock. If you're unsure, ask your guide/driver in Bali, they will be able to enlighten you since most drivers I met in Bali are well versed when it comes to choosing the best places to eat, according to your preference.

If you're Muslim, choose restaurants with the word "halal" in them. Otherwise you might have to ask the waiters or waitresses whether they are serving halal food or not. If you're unsure, just stick to vegetarian dishes.

Balinese dishes are generally spicy. If you're used to it, then feel free to sample whatever you fancy. Alternatively you can ask the waiters/waitresses if their chef could lessen the spiciness of their dishes. Never hesitate to ask!

My best friend and I chose a restaurant called Renon. It serves halal food and the price is affordable. They mainly serve Chinese food. I had fun looking at their wares. They're also selling cute saucers, mugs, bowls made of porcelain. If you happen to be there, try their specialty, Renon roasted chicken. They're yum yum!


travelerguy said...

Its nice to have people sharing their travelling story.Then others can make this useful info regarding places they went to guide them where to go,how to go and many more issue regarding traveling.Thanks.

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Nyachan said...

It's me Nyachan :)
I'm still remember such lovely days with Angelachan.
Would you go to Bali with me again?Promise me!

Primadonna said...

You're welcome, travelerguy.

Nyachan! Of course. One day we have to go to Bali again together! Aishiteru!

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