Thursday, September 19, 2013

Moon in Mooncake Festival

I am a big fan of the moon. I think she is full of mystery. She is a witness of uncountable things. She holds herself aloof, coyly showing herself and sometimes teasing people by hiding under the clouds.

I am being a romantic, of course.

It's so easy to be romantic, if you see a full moon. Gigantic moon. With hues that you seldom see. Like tonight, the moon was like a giant orange in the sky. Yes, I am hungry. 

The moon is perhaps like one's persona. Who knows which is the real one? You tend to see the beautiful, glamorous side, but even if that situation, you'll notice that the moon is full of flaws. 

Perhaps she's hiding under the clouds to relax. So she could be her true self, without exerting her will to project a certain persona.

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rokan (joint us) said...

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