Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am a Partner, a Mom, but First? I am I.

I am myself first. This is my motto, right from the start. Of course, I am also a daughter, a student, a reader, a writer, a partner (though some will prefer the term "wife"), a mother... suffice to say, I have worn many "hats". 

"Being a mom, naturally, you put your children's happiness first." I got this nugget of wisdom after I gave birth to my firstborn. I didn't agree then, even now, I don't think this is applicable to me. 

Yes, I want my children to be happy. I want my family to be happy. But I cannot do that if I am unhappy. 

In order to make people happy, I have to prioritize my own happiness.  

And that means, taking me-time. Doing activities on my own. Making sure I still pursue my hobbies no matter how busy I am. Taking holidays without my kids once in a while. Time to revel in being... ME. Just me, without any hats.

If you really want to, you'll make a schedule, to enjoy being yourself. 

That's what I do, to stay sane. Because... well, let's face it. Rearing two kids and managing the housework and juggling between this and that, those and these, are hard. You need something to hold on to. I do, at least. 

A better me turns into a better mom. A better partner. A better writer, translator, editor... well, a better person, no matter which hat I choose to wear that day.

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