Saturday, November 09, 2013

Simple Recipe of the Day: Egg Surprise

My kids wanted some cereal, so we got ourselves cornflakes. My son noticed that they had a recipe on the packaging, one is tuna patty, or something like that. He loves tuna, but my daughter is not really crazy about it (unless it's in sushi/sashimi). So I planned to make something from crushed cornflakes, but that time I had no idea what I would make.

For inspirations, as always, I browsed around, reread my cookbooks, and then went back to basic: peeking on the fridge, freezer, and pantry, and decided on the spur of the moment. I just bought some quail eggs, and... bingo! I knew what to do! (I knew it, I KNEW it'd be the spur-of-the-moment thing. Still, it was like a ritual for me. I'll still browse for more recipes, for inspiration.)

I decided to make egg surprise.

It's nothing new, I've made this several times in the past. But I usually used bread crumbs. This time, I decided to coat the batter with crushed cornflakes.

8 quail eggs, boiled, peeled
1 sachet of instant mashed potatoes
1 chicken egg
Bread crumbs
Crushed cornflakes

Add hot water to instant mashed potatoes. (I usually use 1/2 of their suggested water. For instance, if they suggest to add 150 ml of hot water, I'll add 75 ml) Mix well. Add chicken egg and bread crumbs until they form a nice dough, it should be a bit sticky but not that thin. If you can roll them into balls using plastic/cling wrap, then it is fine. Coat the eggs with this mixture. Roll the eggs into crushed cornflakes. Fry in low heat until they are golden brown.

In this picture, I used a small chicken egg for illustration. The one in the middle has a quail egg in it. I was working while making this and the eggs were kinda forgotten, so they were a bit overcooked. They still taste good, though. My partner and kids told me crushed cornflakes made these taste very crunchy.

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